Sunday, May 29, 2016

Slice, Cut, Chomp.....

A couple of days ago I went to Whole Foods and stocked up on my weekly fresh produce.  Most every week I buy cucumbers.  I just find them refreshing AND when I eat too many tacos I pop a couple of slices in my mouth and it helps me digest. lol.  As it turns out, Stanley likes fresh cucumber too!  I cut a slice that is about as thick as 1/2 the diameter of my pinky and then I cut that slice into quarters.  He loves it!!  Today we went for a walk after the rain shower, I went to church, piddled around the house, went to lunch, piddled around the house, ate cucumber with Stanley and now he's enjoying his afternoon siesta.  He looks so peaceful.  In fact, I'm tip toeing around so I will not wake him.  Love this little boy!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My First Road Trip

Hello, everyone.  Stanley here.  My Master has been sad because someone very dear to her passed away a couple of weeks ago.  I've been especially sweet and know, trying to comfort her.  I think it's working because she took me on a road trip!  My first one.

My GrandMa and Uncle came with us and we went to see Niece and Nephew.  I didn't care where we went, with whom we went or who we went to see.  I just wanted to be with my Master!  Hey, I've never been on a road trip before and I didn't want any funny stuff.

My Master did great!  She held me A LOT and gave me lots of kisses and hugs.  (hee whimpers and sad eyes worked!)  I am verrrrrryyyyyy cuddly and my Master LOVES to cuddle me in her arms.  In fact, she wears my favorite perfume on her neck so that I can smell it when I cuddle up to her.  Sigh....I have SUCH a great life! the Loreal commercial says, "I deserve it."

Back to the road trip.  I didn't care for the hotel the first night.  Too many strange noises....bark, bark, bark.  Neither of us got much sleep and I was exhausted!  Good thing I got to sleep in the car as we drove the 2nd day.  The back seat was my lair.  ha ha.  Master had my favorite blankets, large pillow and treats.  I sat in the middle of the back seat on a very cushy, large pillow.  Master rubbed me gently for h-o-u-r-s as we drove...woo hoo.  Of course, I fell asleep!  (pitiful sigh)....oh, it just took so much out of me.

The next hotel was better.  A much nicer and larger room with a separate room for the bed.  Master, again, rubbed me on the bed before I drifted off to la-la land.  We both got good sleep the 2nd night.  Good thing because Master needed to be rested up so that she could carry me, walk me, rub me and generally give all of her attention to me on the road trip.  Remember, I am VERY CUTE and very cuddly :) so it's just natural that I get attention.

The reason I got to go on the road trip is that my sitter is the one who passed away.  Tina was her name.  Tina was very close to Master and Tina would sit with me while Master travelled.  Don't tell Master this but I liked being with Tina.  I had Tina trained very well and pretty much got to do w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r I wanted to do w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r I wanted to.  I didn't even have to cuddle with Tina...I just had to sit there and be cute.  What a deal!  Anyway, I will miss Tina because she was sweet, kind and loving to me.  She prayed for me and called me her Sweetheart Tanley.  awhhhhh.

Well, I've got to go now.  Master is getting ready for bed and I need to be there at her feet so she'll pick me up and carry me around.  It's a job, I tell you but I'm up for it.  hee hee

Good night, everyone.  Remember, be kind and loving to animals everywhere.  We have feelings too.  :)))

(In memory of Tina...the best pet sitter.  I'll see you in doggie heaven!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh, You Lucky Dog

I am working from home today, so Stanley is getting a lot of attention.  He is loving it.  By my side all little buddy and companion.  Oh, how I love this little angel.  Truly, he is a gift to me.

A full day already....  Early morning walk.  Doggie treats on the back patio.  Spending time in the sunshine on the back patio, barking at the yard men who are mowing the grass.  Sitting on the sofa eating breakfast while looking onto the back patio, making sure no squirrels, birds, whatever trespass.  Being picked up throughout the morning by Master, hugged and kissed....hugged and kissed again!  Licking the bowl after Master eats her chicken and pasta lunch.  

Stanley says to himself, "I deserve this nap!"


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cooler Days Ahead

It has been a great Sunday.  As I write this I am sitting on my back patio under the ceiling fan, rocking on my wooden bench with Stanley by my side.  The temperature reads 90 but where I'm sitting it feels 75.  Nice!  Blue skies, clear sunny day with a slight breeze.

It is at times like these that I have confidence that the oppressive heat of summer is dissipating.  Although we may have some scorching days over the next month, it is bearable because I know that cooler weather is just around the corner.

The heat of a Texas summer is like certain times in our lives when we are on the hot seat.  It is at those times when unrest, discomfort and hard times oppress us and we begin to think that our lives forever will be stuck in the Texas summer heat.  Whatever your hot seat is...whatever your hard time is I encourage you to look up.  God is faithful and He hears our prayers.  When your hope is in God you most certainly will see cooler weather ahead.  The hard times of your life will pass and the next season will come.

We've been blessed this week and have received abundant rain.  A soaking rain, actually.  The trees, flowers and plants on my patio are rejoicing, I know!  As I walk around and drive around I smile to see nature coming back to life and turning back to green!  A sigh of relief.  Nothing like a cool glass of water (or a summer soaker rain) to refresh us....

Well, Stanley is asleep and I'm starting to get sleepy, so we are going inside to take a nap.  :)  Yes, this Sunday is simply wonderful and nice.

See you soon,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missing Little Mister...

I went on vacation with my family.  We went to the beach.

As much as I like going to the beach, the excitement isn't the same ever since I adopted Stanley.  In fact, I don't like being away at all now.  Before Stanley, I would take weekend trips to New York or Nashville all the time.   I also would take beach vacations at least twice a year.  I had an amazing tan most of the year and put to use all of my wide brim hats, swimwear and latest fashions (lol).

Now that I have Stanley, I am home bound.  I just don't like being away from him and I miss him when I'm gone.  I have a very good friend who pet sits at my house and she gets along fine with Stanley.  I know he is in good hands when I'm gone, yet my heart still sinks when I think about traveling without him.  He gets sad too and mopes for a couple of days when I leave.  Thereafter, he gets in his the-master-is-away-schedule with my pet sitting friend.

My friend tells me that whenever I call he perks up and the day of my arrival he sits in the kitchen staring at the garage door.  How does he know I am arriving home that day?!  ....just another reason why I adore Stanley.

When I pull into the garage I am thrilled because I know just behind the door is a very, very excited and loving little mister with lots of hugs and kisses just for me.  I rush over to him, pick him up and hold him close in my arms while he shakes and tries to get closer....closer....closer to me.  He licks me and nuzzles his face in my neck.  (This spectacle goes on for about 10 minutes.)  I hold him for a long time  to assure him that I'm home and I'm not leaving him.  He is safe.

It occurs to me that if I feel this way about a little doggie, how much more does a parent feel about his/her child.  Wow.  Such powerful emotions conjured up by love.  It also makes me wonder how much more does God love us and miss us when we are away from Him.

I'm home now and glad to be back,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Are What Your Pet Eats

Hello, everyone.  Stanley and I just finished our morning walk.  I've had my toast and latte and Stanley is having his salmon and veggies breakfast presently as I write this.

Since adopting Stanley I've learned a lot about pet nutrition and general health.  I subscribe to Dr. Becker's newsletters ( and I do a lot of Google-ing on my own to find answers about Stanley's well being.  I've discovered that I'm fine eating a chocolate donut myself but I am not OK feeding a chocolate donut to Stanley.  Interesting, huh?  It's not often that I have chocolate donuts and rarely do I eat fast food, but the food I eat in my normal routine has gotten better ever since Stanley entered my life.  ...and that's a good thing!

At first I fed Stanley food that my vet recommended.  "It is specially formulated for dogs his size...."  I immediately thought, "formulated?"  I don't know....that sort of sounds chemical and pharmaceutical-like (aka, bad!).  I noticed that Stanley choked it down and that he really didn't want to eat it.  I didn't finish the bag!....It really bothered me to see Stanley's reaction to it.

Next, I bought food from a well known pet store chain.  Stanley reacted better to the food and it had a lot of vitamin E which was great for his coat.  I learned of this product from someone who also had chihuahuas and after speaking to her twice I decided to try it.  I noticed however that he began putting on weight.  Hmmm.  It was at this point that Stanley and I began taking long walks and I became more focused on Stanley's overall health and well being.

All this time I had made changes in my own diet and began eating more nutritiously.  I was evolving in my tastes and priorities and it was happening naturally, without feeling forced.  I conquered my ten year addiction to Starbucks hot chocolate (Hallelujah!) and I began cooking at home more.  At least once a day I'd fit in an hour long walk and, even though I wasn't walking fast or jogging, the exercise and mental relaxation the walk provided was beneficial.

Now, Stanley and I take long walks in both the morning and evening 3 times a week (I carry him part of the way), and we walk our normal schedule 4 times a week.  I buy more healthy pet food from a health food store and supplement with fresh veggies and a meat that I daily cook for him (it allows me to sneak in his joint supplement and probiotics).  I am cooking more meals and almost all of my dinners at home and I feel much better for it.  Truly, my own diet and health have gotten much better once I started focusing on Stanley's diet and health.

I'm continuing to learn that a pet brings love into your life but also brings added benefits.  Adopt ( and love a pet today.  Your life will get better the more love and care you give them.

See you on the walking trail,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer in Texas

Summer is here and this week we officially reached 100 degrees.  Anyone who lives in Texas knows that summers here are hot, and even if you have been here a long time you don't get accustomed to the heat.  Summers still are hot!  (a humid heat, not a dry heat)

Chihuahuas are a warm breed dog, meaning they are intended for a warm climate.  However, the heat here is too much for even a chihuahua.

Stanley and I went on a 2 mile walk this morning just after 8am.  The walk was good, but Stanley petered out and I carried him home most of the last mile.  The temperature was below 90 and there was a mild breeze.  Still, I was soaked through by the time I got home, so I went straight to the showers to clean up!  Much better now......

Right now, he and I are on the sofa in a cool and comfortable house.  I love my house!!  Every now and then I let Stanley go out onto the back patio for a quick warm up (I keep the interior temperature at 73 degrees).  He sits in the sun for a short time then heads for shade.  Eventually, he comes back inside the house.

My back patio is large and I love how it's decorated.  Teak benches and chaise.  White Sunbrella cushions and umbrellas.  Flowering mandevilla vines, honeysuckle, flowering jasmine vines and lush green ferns and petite ivys....such a pretty look.

When the weather cools down Stanley and I sit on the patio and have snacks, chocolate milk and/or lattes.  Water from the water fountain gently trickles and makes a peaceful sound.  I have a cordless music system outside that syncs with my computers, laptop and iPad, so we have music to add to the relaxing moments.  ha.

As I write, Stanley is eating his breakfast.  He "hides" any uneaten snacks in the folds of his blanket and proceeds to arrange the blanket so that he has a nest for him to rest in.  Oh, the sweet simple things that our dogs do.  These are some of the many precious moments in our lives.

Hug and kiss your dog today.  Spread your love around.