Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Does Your Dog Look Like You?

Many years ago I was told that, if a couple is married long enough, the husband and wife will start to look alike.  Well, the same epigram may apply to dogs and their masters.

While walking in PetSmart and my own neighborhood, I have observed that many dogs and dog owners resemble each other in some way.  For instance, one of my neighbors is tall, lean and particular in his personality about some things.  He can be opinionated at times.  His dog is tall and lean (I kid you not!....they have the same body type except he walks on 2 legs and she on 4) and she is very particular about where she sits.  Not just any patch of grass will do!

Another neighbor is very social...loves to visit.  She has very nice hair and is a pretty lady.  She has a medium build...a little on the stocky side...a solid frame and weight.  Although she is very social, she shows her displeasure at people and things that are not to her liking.  She even comments out loud at people!..ha.  Well, her dog is very social too...loves to greet the dogs and their masters; however, he also loudly barks at what he doesn't like (lol).  He has a beautiful coat, is a handsome dog and he too has a solid frame...on the stocky side.

So, let's talk about Stanley and me.  Stanley is a miniature longhaired Chihuahua.  Unless I trim and/or brush his coat often, his hair is a full expression of his personality....in other words, it is long, flowing, wild and free.  His coat can make him look either oh-so-polished or wild-man-bohemian, depending on the length and whether it is brushed.  Although Stanley is a miniature dog, he is NOT a dog who is lean/skinny and every-hair-in-place-I'm-just-a-so-so kind of a dog.  Instead, Stanley's build is muscular and stocky.  He is energetic but not yappy...he enjoys afternoon naps and loves to just hang out.  His personality is robust (lol).  On the one hand Stanley is stubborn, knows what he wants, determined, persistent and independent, but on the other hand he is loyal, devoted, affectionate, sweet and kind, gentle, quiet, vulnerable and dependent.  If you let him, he can become bossy, but when you correct him he gets back in place.  Oh, and when you correct him you must use a gentle/kind manner; otherwise, you get the silent treatment (ha).  If I am happy...he is happy.  If I am fussy...he is upset.  He depends on me to set the tone and atmosphere at all times.  Stanley is reserved when meeting people and is shy around most.  However, one on one (if he likes you) he is very friendly and approachable.

Now let's take a look at me.  My hair is long and naturally wavy/loose curls.  I prefer my hair in its natural state but I look like a real hippy sometimes.  When my hair is styled I am Miss Woo Woo.  I am 5 foot tall and muscular...on the stocky side, I think.  I am outgoing and I laugh a lot but I enjoy silence over silly/nothingness-talk.  I am energetic, upbeat/positive...optimistic.  I definitely appreciate a nap (at any time of day!) and most definitely enjoy just hanging out at my house.  My personality is similar to Stanley's.  Literally, this little dog is made for me!

Some people claim that opposites attract.  I don't.  Whether in a marriage/dating relationship or in a doggie/master relationship, I think similarities are the mashed potatoes and gravy (the foundation...lol) of it all.

I would write more but I'm getting sleepy.  Stanley and I are going upstairs to take a nap!

See ya!