Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Are What Your Pet Eats

Hello, everyone.  Stanley and I just finished our morning walk.  I've had my toast and latte and Stanley is having his salmon and veggies breakfast presently as I write this.

Since adopting Stanley I've learned a lot about pet nutrition and general health.  I subscribe to Dr. Becker's newsletters ( and I do a lot of Google-ing on my own to find answers about Stanley's well being.  I've discovered that I'm fine eating a chocolate donut myself but I am not OK feeding a chocolate donut to Stanley.  Interesting, huh?  It's not often that I have chocolate donuts and rarely do I eat fast food, but the food I eat in my normal routine has gotten better ever since Stanley entered my life.  ...and that's a good thing!

At first I fed Stanley food that my vet recommended.  "It is specially formulated for dogs his size...."  I immediately thought, "formulated?"  I don't know....that sort of sounds chemical and pharmaceutical-like (aka, bad!).  I noticed that Stanley choked it down and that he really didn't want to eat it.  I didn't finish the bag!....It really bothered me to see Stanley's reaction to it.

Next, I bought food from a well known pet store chain.  Stanley reacted better to the food and it had a lot of vitamin E which was great for his coat.  I learned of this product from someone who also had chihuahuas and after speaking to her twice I decided to try it.  I noticed however that he began putting on weight.  Hmmm.  It was at this point that Stanley and I began taking long walks and I became more focused on Stanley's overall health and well being.

All this time I had made changes in my own diet and began eating more nutritiously.  I was evolving in my tastes and priorities and it was happening naturally, without feeling forced.  I conquered my ten year addiction to Starbucks hot chocolate (Hallelujah!) and I began cooking at home more.  At least once a day I'd fit in an hour long walk and, even though I wasn't walking fast or jogging, the exercise and mental relaxation the walk provided was beneficial.

Now, Stanley and I take long walks in both the morning and evening 3 times a week (I carry him part of the way), and we walk our normal schedule 4 times a week.  I buy more healthy pet food from a health food store and supplement with fresh veggies and a meat that I daily cook for him (it allows me to sneak in his joint supplement and probiotics).  I am cooking more meals and almost all of my dinners at home and I feel much better for it.  Truly, my own diet and health have gotten much better once I started focusing on Stanley's diet and health.

I'm continuing to learn that a pet brings love into your life but also brings added benefits.  Adopt ( and love a pet today.  Your life will get better the more love and care you give them.

See you on the walking trail,