Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012...we are ready!

Hello, everyone.  For several months now, Stanley and I have been taking long walks almost every day.  Today, we walked for 2 hours!  We started doing this because Stanley needed to lose 1 pound.  I told him that only one of us in the house could be overweight and I already had claimed that  Stanley does great.  He walks most of the way but sometimes I end up carrying him the last quarter mile or so.

We come across other dogs and masters, some of whom stop to say hi or just smile and wave.  Yesterday, Stanley dragged me a quarter mile while he chased a pit bull (hello!) while he walked with its owner.  Today, we met Gracie (a beautiful solid light gray large dog) and Ernest (a beautiful warm brown dachshund) and also Ms. Joe who was walking them.  It was fun.  Jo owns a pet sitting service named Care  On Call.

The weather this weekend has been so, so nice.  We have had a great long weekend.  I took some pictures on one of our long walks, so feel free to take a peek through them.  I hope to see you more in this great year...Happy New Year!

PS:  As I write this Stanley sits next to me a very happy doggie.  He had pizza (human pizza) for breakfast!