Sunday, April 28, 2013

My First Road Trip

Hello, everyone.  Stanley here.  My Master has been sad because someone very dear to her passed away a couple of weeks ago.  I've been especially sweet and know, trying to comfort her.  I think it's working because she took me on a road trip!  My first one.

My GrandMa and Uncle came with us and we went to see Niece and Nephew.  I didn't care where we went, with whom we went or who we went to see.  I just wanted to be with my Master!  Hey, I've never been on a road trip before and I didn't want any funny stuff.

My Master did great!  She held me A LOT and gave me lots of kisses and hugs.  (hee whimpers and sad eyes worked!)  I am verrrrrryyyyyy cuddly and my Master LOVES to cuddle me in her arms.  In fact, she wears my favorite perfume on her neck so that I can smell it when I cuddle up to her.  Sigh....I have SUCH a great life! the Loreal commercial says, "I deserve it."

Back to the road trip.  I didn't care for the hotel the first night.  Too many strange noises....bark, bark, bark.  Neither of us got much sleep and I was exhausted!  Good thing I got to sleep in the car as we drove the 2nd day.  The back seat was my lair.  ha ha.  Master had my favorite blankets, large pillow and treats.  I sat in the middle of the back seat on a very cushy, large pillow.  Master rubbed me gently for h-o-u-r-s as we drove...woo hoo.  Of course, I fell asleep!  (pitiful sigh)....oh, it just took so much out of me.

The next hotel was better.  A much nicer and larger room with a separate room for the bed.  Master, again, rubbed me on the bed before I drifted off to la-la land.  We both got good sleep the 2nd night.  Good thing because Master needed to be rested up so that she could carry me, walk me, rub me and generally give all of her attention to me on the road trip.  Remember, I am VERY CUTE and very cuddly :) so it's just natural that I get attention.

The reason I got to go on the road trip is that my sitter is the one who passed away.  Tina was her name.  Tina was very close to Master and Tina would sit with me while Master travelled.  Don't tell Master this but I liked being with Tina.  I had Tina trained very well and pretty much got to do w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r I wanted to do w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r I wanted to.  I didn't even have to cuddle with Tina...I just had to sit there and be cute.  What a deal!  Anyway, I will miss Tina because she was sweet, kind and loving to me.  She prayed for me and called me her Sweetheart Tanley.  awhhhhh.

Well, I've got to go now.  Master is getting ready for bed and I need to be there at her feet so she'll pick me up and carry me around.  It's a job, I tell you but I'm up for it.  hee hee

Good night, everyone.  Remember, be kind and loving to animals everywhere.  We have feelings too.  :)))

(In memory of Tina...the best pet sitter.  I'll see you in doggie heaven!)