Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh, You Lucky Dog

I am working from home today, so Stanley is getting a lot of attention.  He is loving it.  By my side all little buddy and companion.  Oh, how I love this little angel.  Truly, he is a gift to me.

A full day already....  Early morning walk.  Doggie treats on the back patio.  Spending time in the sunshine on the back patio, barking at the yard men who are mowing the grass.  Sitting on the sofa eating breakfast while looking onto the back patio, making sure no squirrels, birds, whatever trespass.  Being picked up throughout the morning by Master, hugged and kissed....hugged and kissed again!  Licking the bowl after Master eats her chicken and pasta lunch.  

Stanley says to himself, "I deserve this nap!"