Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lying in bed this morning before 6am my dreams were interrupted...interrupted by rain!  Oh, what a welcome sound!  At first I thought, "good night! water fountains (on the front patio) are loud!" but then I realized it was raining outside.  Sigh.  Lord, thank You for the relief from the heat and drought...thank You for the rain.

I put Stanley in his leash and walked outside for our morning walk.  It still was raining, but more like a heavy sprinkle.  I didn't think Stanley would mind.  Think again!  ha.  After two attempts to get him to walk, I returned to the house and went to the back patio.  I have large umbrellas out there and thought that if Stanley were under them he wouldn't be rained on.

The weather felt in the 70s and had the browning look of autumn.  It seems that the trees in my neighborhood (and there are many trees) were so relieved to have rain that they were giving up their leaves.  The leaves were just falling off and rolling in the breeze.  Nice.

Anyway, back to the back patio....

Stanley took a tour of the patio...every corner and interesting spot.  He sits on the chaise, stairs and covered spots.  He walks behind the garden shed and tree pots.  He sticks his nose through the slim opening between my gate and the wall, hoping to find something interesting to either eat or bark at.  Although he doesn't like being rained or dripped on, everywhere he goes he seems to find the drippy spot.  If only he would just stay under the patio cover or either one of the umbrellas....  ha.

Once back inside the house, he gets his treat and then he retreats to his favorite sofa and blankie.  He burrows in for a morning nap.  Oh, the life of a dog.

Last night around midnight I took him for a walk before bed.  He had a great time and I...well, I had the pleasure of stepping on a HUGE LOCUST in the middle of the street!  It buzzed up my leg and if I could fly I would have.  I made a loud (and inappropriate) exclamation (if you know what I mean) and declared how much I hate locusts.  I then turned to Stanley and said, "we need to walk faster!!!"  I promise, Stanley thinks it is an expedition even at midnight.  He thinks he has to explore everything, even though he did the same trek that same morning and afternoon.  Ahhh!

Again, back to the back patio....  Here are some shots of our morning.  Enjoy.

Love, Car.

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