Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer in Texas

Summer is here and this week we officially reached 100 degrees.  Anyone who lives in Texas knows that summers here are hot, and even if you have been here a long time you don't get accustomed to the heat.  Summers still are hot!  (a humid heat, not a dry heat)

Chihuahuas are a warm breed dog, meaning they are intended for a warm climate.  However, the heat here is too much for even a chihuahua.

Stanley and I went on a 2 mile walk this morning just after 8am.  The walk was good, but Stanley petered out and I carried him home most of the last mile.  The temperature was below 90 and there was a mild breeze.  Still, I was soaked through by the time I got home, so I went straight to the showers to clean up!  Much better now......

Right now, he and I are on the sofa in a cool and comfortable house.  I love my house!!  Every now and then I let Stanley go out onto the back patio for a quick warm up (I keep the interior temperature at 73 degrees).  He sits in the sun for a short time then heads for shade.  Eventually, he comes back inside the house.

My back patio is large and I love how it's decorated.  Teak benches and chaise.  White Sunbrella cushions and umbrellas.  Flowering mandevilla vines, honeysuckle, flowering jasmine vines and lush green ferns and petite ivys....such a pretty look.

When the weather cools down Stanley and I sit on the patio and have snacks, chocolate milk and/or lattes.  Water from the water fountain gently trickles and makes a peaceful sound.  I have a cordless music system outside that syncs with my computers, laptop and iPad, so we have music to add to the relaxing moments.  ha.

As I write, Stanley is eating his breakfast.  He "hides" any uneaten snacks in the folds of his blanket and proceeds to arrange the blanket so that he has a nest for him to rest in.  Oh, the sweet simple things that our dogs do.  These are some of the many precious moments in our lives.

Hug and kiss your dog today.  Spread your love around.

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