Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missing Little Mister...

I went on vacation with my family.  We went to the beach.

As much as I like going to the beach, the excitement isn't the same ever since I adopted Stanley.  In fact, I don't like being away at all now.  Before Stanley, I would take weekend trips to New York or Nashville all the time.   I also would take beach vacations at least twice a year.  I had an amazing tan most of the year and put to use all of my wide brim hats, swimwear and latest fashions (lol).

Now that I have Stanley, I am home bound.  I just don't like being away from him and I miss him when I'm gone.  I have a very good friend who pet sits at my house and she gets along fine with Stanley.  I know he is in good hands when I'm gone, yet my heart still sinks when I think about traveling without him.  He gets sad too and mopes for a couple of days when I leave.  Thereafter, he gets in his the-master-is-away-schedule with my pet sitting friend.

My friend tells me that whenever I call he perks up and the day of my arrival he sits in the kitchen staring at the garage door.  How does he know I am arriving home that day?!  ....just another reason why I adore Stanley.

When I pull into the garage I am thrilled because I know just behind the door is a very, very excited and loving little mister with lots of hugs and kisses just for me.  I rush over to him, pick him up and hold him close in my arms while he shakes and tries to get closer....closer....closer to me.  He licks me and nuzzles his face in my neck.  (This spectacle goes on for about 10 minutes.)  I hold him for a long time  to assure him that I'm home and I'm not leaving him.  He is safe.

It occurs to me that if I feel this way about a little doggie, how much more does a parent feel about his/her child.  Wow.  Such powerful emotions conjured up by love.  It also makes me wonder how much more does God love us and miss us when we are away from Him.

I'm home now and glad to be back,

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